Aeterna Non Caduca

As an old friend reminded me recently by letter, our high school motto was Aeterna Non Caduca, translated as ‘I live not for time but for eternity’. Back then with the invincibility of youth on our side, and life stretching out before us, we gave but passing thought to such things. No doubt most of […]

Shut Up. I want to punch you!

In an online group recently, someone shared that he was getting mightily fed up of wanting to pick fights with other people because they didn’t seem to be living in the real world.  The inference was that only he was living in the real world I suppose. He made me smile. Firstly, it strikes me […]

Perennial Philosophy

We are all longing, I think, for a politics that transcends left and right, a new science that embraces the interior and the exterior, and a new spirituality that recognises the universal nature of spiritual experience. I wrote a few days ago on Integral Stages, meticulously mapped by Ken Wilber, and based on empirical research […]