The Truth Will Set You Free….

As far as I remember, from a very early age I’ve been interested in knowing why we’re here and what the truth of existence is.

Truth is a thorny topic these days. The post- moderns say that there is no objective or absolute truth. The most you can say is that you have found ‘a truth’. The truth is relative and different for everyone.

As far as the world is concerned they may well be right. Finding ourselves in a universe of duality, and as humans, with a system of thought that’s the product of a split, unconscious mind, we are forced to compromise truth, and once you have compromise there can be no absolute truth. According to the wisdom of the world at any rate.

A Course in Miracles is not interested in the wisdom of the world. According to the course, the truth is the truth whether you agree with it or not, and the truth is not subject to your interpretation and is not different for everyone. It is not subjective and it is not relative. It is absolute. It can be sought and it can be found but not without reversing the ego thought system that led to our skewed way of looking at things.

2 thoughts on “The Truth Will Set You Free….

  1. Kentt3211

    “It can be sought and it can be found but not without reversing the ego thought system that led to our skewed way of looking at things.”

    So has this “reversing the ego thought system” worked? Has it left any record of the process yet?

    I ask because the historical mystic concensus seems to be that the experience of the Reality that governs all things known and unknown is “caught, not taught”, it is not available by one’s own efforts …

  2. Hi there,
    Thanks for your comment. Yes, I wasn’t meaning to suggest that you could pull yourself up by the bootstraps all the way to enlightenment by ‘doing’ something out in the world. You can meditate your life away but unless it radically changes the way you think about what is real and what is illusionary you won’t make much progress. The course is most emphatic here.
    I would say that the consensus is most definitely that revelation is one way and is not available on demand since ‘the Spirit blows where it will’ . Revelation is not reciprocal It proceeds from God to you but not the other way round. The course states that “Awe should be reserved for revelation, to which it is perfectly and correctly applicable.”
    When I said reality can be sought and found, I was referring to reality as defined by A Course in Miracles. To set the mood of the course, it is a non-dualistic thought system. The underlying metaphysical foundation of the course is the distinction it makes between Truth and illusion, or Knowledge and perception or God and the ego. It does not compromise in stating that only Heaven is true, Only God is real, only we as part of God are real . Everything else without exception is illusory. The world/universe out there that we ‘perceive’ is an illusion. (Didn’t Einstein say something similar?) But since we perceive it as being here, there are two ways of looking at it. There’s the ego’s way (business as usual) or there’s the Holy Spirit’s way which represents your whole way out. The ego’s way is always to see separation, lack, attack, separate interests, special relationships and everything else the world holds dear, The Holy Spirit’s Way is to join with God, to join with others, to see shared interests, to see the face of Christ in everyone without exception. If you try to do this is the world of duality it’s an impossible task because theta’s how the world was set up. But the beauty of the course is that it gently and systematically undoes the ego thought system ‘removing the barriers to love’ that allows us to forgive and to choose at the level of the mind who is the parent of our every thought -Holy Spirit or ego. The course can’t be adequately condensed into such a short reply. It’s radical and about 1,200 pages long.

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